Diploma Courses


AHU offers its students the most advanced, industry focused and cutting edge programs in Hospitality Studies. Our courses are based on International Curriculum . Our diploma programs are designed by hospitality industry experts focusing on building strong practical knowledge backed by detailed theoretical comprehension. All our diploma programs are inclusive of 6 months Industrial Exposure Training or Internship in India which provides them hands on experience of working with brands and a solid understanding of the inner workings of the hospitality industry. We don’t just train our students to start their career in hospitality industry instead we train them to lead in it.

Diploma in Yoga

Diploma in Yoga is a full time, regular, non-residential course. The course is designed to impart knowledge and skills of Yoga to enable the aspirants to institutionally qualified Yoga Instructors.

Diploma in Fire & Safety

Diploma in Fire Safety course is an year long course which meets the statutory requirements addressing the duties and responsibilities of a fireman or a fire supervisor, which makes them competent to restrict, control and Extinguish a fire at the support level. The Employment of a fireman is mandatory in Every Industry, Factory, Mall, Power Sector, Oil and Gas Refinery or any other establishment required to be protected pertaining to fire hazard as required by Indian Law. This particular diploma fire & safety course makes them eligible for joining any industry in India or Abroad as a Fireman, Fire Safety Assistant or Safety Supervisor.