Chancellor’s Desk

Since its establishment, based on the founding ideals of “freedom and innovation,” the education at AGRAWAN HERITAGE University has allowed students to acquire various skills and values that are synonymous with a private-school environment. Over the years, such efforts have cultivated and sent a health of human resources out into the world. However, in the coming years, we must also focus on education that develops creative individuals that modern society needs. With this mind, we must not only encourage a high-level of classroom leaning, but also actively involve students in cutting-edge research activities conducted by our laboratories, encourage students to expose themselves to new challenges, and produce individuals capable of facing and resolving the tough challenges in the real world. In order to successfully produce such individuals, it is necessary to provide world-class, cutting-edge research centers at AHU and further improve our current research standards so they match the highest highest of International levels. I believe that the individuals produced form these research centers will overcome the powerful tide of globalization, gain the potential to surmount overseas competition, and take on the future burdens of the world. It is my sincere hope that research achievements obtained at AHU will contribute to the realization of a society where humans and nature can co-exist peacefully, as per the requirements of the 21st century.