Faculty Of Science


The Bachelor of Science programme at KJSSC is a complete, holistic, well-rounded three year course which encompasses all the significant branches of Science. It starts off with the fundamentals of the chosen subject and as the years progress, takes the learner to a comfortable place within the subject of Interest.

A Bachelors in Science prepares the learner for a science- based future, to face the technological bursts of the times and stay updated with the latest in the world of science and technology. The Faculty of Science is committed to providing its students with quality education emphasizing personal mentoring, choice and flexibility. These programmes have both theory and practical components. Like other BSc programs, this program has some courses with lab components and our laboratories offer hands-on experience and skillsets to promote the curiosity and learning of the students. The curriculum of all the programmes are student centric and instills new learning pedagogies in the student. Communication skills and computer literacy are promoted.


Master of Science, popularly known as M.Sc. is the 2-year postgraduate degree course that is the next natural step after doing B.Sc. (Bachelor of Science). M.Sc. is a more specialised, research-based degree course aimed at letting students choose a career path. The course is an excellent mix of theory and practical knowledge aimed at preparing students for the professional world. At the end of the course, students also have to write a thesis.

In the current world driven by science and technology, M.Sc. opens doors to a lot of specialised careers in the science and technology domain. Therefore, if you are considering going for M.Sc., you are opting for an education and career intensive course that is going to do a world of good for your future.